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Shocker Internet Drive In - Week 44: "Mad Scientist Mayhem" Double Feature

Ok - we know it is the dead of winter and not many drive-ins are open, but the operative word is "Dead" and this is the Shocker Internet Drive In were "dead" is just a way of life!

This week we are more than happy to bring you our mad scientist double feature. First up, after some wonderful coming attractions, we are glad to bring back "Frankenstein's Daughter" to our big screen - even though this time around it is the doctor's grandson we have to worry about. After that 1958 confusing tale, we proudly presents another mad scientist wonder with "Terror is a Man", a nifty south of the boarder classic about a crazed doctor turning a man into a panther.

Even though we do not have a cartoon this week, we are sure you will enjoy all the snack bar goodies we have conjured up for you in an effort to warm your cold winter hearts!

Run time 197 minutes 51 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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